Unattainable Tune

•November 25, 2015 • Leave a Comment

Play that haunting tune again,

Skin tingling and heart skipping,

I need to feel again.

The rhythm caresses me

The melody holds me tight

I can feel every note

Hear every chord

It consumes the mind.

An unattainable tune for the soul

The perfection of every emotion

Stop tuning love and just keep playing it




Depression Identities

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I can feel the cold icy breath of depression gliding over the back of my neck. It freezes my spine as my fingertips are the first to go numb. It dances over me as if in fun. This is hard for me when no one understands, I’m just too much for anybody to handle. The thoughts are overwhelming me. I’m never good enough. I’m not attractive enough. I’m always too emotional. Always that crazy bitch I can’t escape. These identities consume me as I can feel its teeth biting into my brain. The blood squeezing out with no where to go, stuck in the skull. Help me.


((Note: I tend to write things like this and don’t ever share them. I felt like posting this because I haven’t posted in a long time.))

Exponential Potential

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When you feel like you can’t believe in yourself,

Tears streaming for years,

Feeling like the failure,

Even though you try your best,

Even though you are better than the rest,

Even though…

Breathing deeply,

Why try,

Why fall,

Only to break?

My love,

They cry,

Those tears need to dry,

You are more than you think,

Exponential potential…

I want to believe that is me,

Exponential potential is the way to be.

Contentment Indefinite

•November 22, 2014 • Leave a Comment

Her heart stretched

A thousand miles


Her tears would fall

To have that dream

Come true

And in the end

To smile and nod

Now that’s the way

Contentment indefinite.


•May 28, 2014 • Leave a Comment

Wish I could string myself up

Necklace dangling down,

Wish everything would end

Handing me peace on a chain,

You smile and tell me it’s love

I smile knowing what comes next.


((At first I didn’t want to put this onto a public channel such as this site, but I keep looking over it (It was written months ago) and thinking I actually really like this little tidbit. Please remember even though most of these stories and poems build off something, they are all fiction. Thank you. ^_^))

Tear Down Your Barriers

•February 10, 2014 • Leave a Comment

Please don’t harden your heart towards me

Feelings aside I deserve a chance

Those walls aren’t because of me

I understand, protecting yourself

But keeping me out…

Tear them down

Because I’ll be too exhausted by the end.

I want to love you,

I have no barriers

I broke them down for you…

I love you, I tell you,

I keep knocking,

I beg and plead,

Please let me in.

Lost Opportunity

•February 3, 2014 • Leave a Comment

Each pebble has possibility,

Each ripple it creates

Has many different effects.

Wrong place and wrong time

Begs the questions of what ifs,

A second different

Things wouldn’t have happened.

This isn’t something expected,

Help me to understand

When no one has the answers,

Don’t abuse today.

Talk to me next time

Because tomorrow…

So cliché.